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Lake: Glendo Reservoir
Fish: Walleye

Glendo Ice

Post By: ICE-DAWG      Posted: 12/21/2016 8:59:32 AM     Points: 67    
Hey community, I'm hoping to check out this lake for ice fishing for the first time over Christmas break. Any tips or information is much appreciated! also looking to break away from the normal trout fishing and trying to get into some Walleye through the ice so any techniques or tips on that for this lake would be swell as well. Happy holidays and tight lines!
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 12/21/2016 3:13:31 PM     Points: 82061    
Sounds like a fun weekend

I would start by finding structure and/or drop off and humps.
Spoons of gulp minnows or live minnows.
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 12/21/2016 3:14:27 PM     Points: 82061    
Start at the top of the hump and work your way down. 20 fow give it take 10'
 Reply by: ICE-DAWG      Posted: 12/21/2016 3:25:08 PM     Points: 67    
Awesome thanks for the info guys! I wasn't sure if live minnows were allowed or not so that helps a ton!
 Reply by: Mr.Tylerloveridge      Posted: 12/22/2016 6:21:03 AM     Points: 5    
have you guys been to glendo lately whats the ice thickness
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 12/22/2016 6:44:20 AM     Points: 82061    
The last I heard was muddy had 9 inches of ice. The shallow areas 40 fow and less have 9 ish inches. Main body just capped so it is close I just don't know if it's thick enough
 Reply by: ICE-DAWG      Posted: 12/29/2016 2:21:21 PM     Points: 67    
I think tomorrow is the day for glendo... any update on ice thinkness? Will try to hit muddy unless there are better places to check first!
-tight lines
 Reply by: fishjefe      Posted: 12/29/2016 7:32:28 PM     Points: 2073    
Muddy is ready with the most ice. There is a little water on the edges.
There have been people all over the shallow parts of the lake this week.
 Reply by: COLFISHXPLR      Posted: 12/30/2016 9:19:11 AM     Points: 150    
Not looking for spots to fish, but people having luck?
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 1/2/2017 1:20:27 PM     Points: 82061    
6" in the marina bay, 5-8" at custer and Reno, 6-8" at bennet and red hills, 10-13" at muddy, 8" at Indian

Low light, 20 fow, drop offs are were the eyes are biting
 Reply by: LTC Deano      Posted: 1/12/2017 1:01:12 PM     Points: 155    
Anyone catching fishing at Glendo? If so what are the ice conditions?
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 1/12/2017 3:05:54 PM     Points: 82061    
Ice is at least 7 inches everywhere except the first few yards from shore which is slushy. 7-13 inches depending on water depth
 Reply by: Fishalholic      Posted: 2/10/2017 7:16:04 AM     Points: 5    
Planning to hit Glendo this weekend, does anyone know what the ice condition? Any info would help.

 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 2/10/2017 4:19:50 PM     Points: 82061    
look at the conditions reports page for glendo
[log in for link]

i bet its only got worse....

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