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An Experiment - Do Tidal Pulls Influence Fresh Water Fishing?

by: Lloyd Tackitt , Texas 3/20/2017
Tides - the rise and fall of seal levels caused by the combined effects of gravitational forces exerted by the moon and the sun and the rotation of the earth.

And of course we only think about tides in relation to the ocean, or more specifically to the shore line.  But these forces are exerted not just where there is ocean, but across the entire face of the planet.  Even in Death Valley.  It is just that without huge bodies of water it isn't a visible thing.

Salt water fishermen know that tides are important to fishing success.  But what about fresh water fishing?  Does the tidal influence on a river or lake or pond have an influence on the fish? 

This is basically a twice per day event, one low and one high per roughly 24 hours. 

Here's the experiment - go to this website, enter your location, and then generally pay attention to where the tide will be when you go fishing.  See if you notice a difference coinciding with either low or high tide peak time. 

Just for grins.

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Member comments
Dave Mauldin, TX   3/22/2017 7:05:07 PM
Yes, and technically, it is not the tides which affect fish and other wildlife....but the gravitational forces created by the relationship of the sun and moon and earth. Tides are one of the results....
Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   3/23/2017 9:00:49 AM
One place I read that the earth's crust is displaced by as much as 18" vertical by the gravitational pulls.
Lloyd Tackitt
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