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Brazos River (Lk Whitney to Waco)

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 Water Tmp: Log in...04.23.17 
 Status: Log in...04.23.17 
Recent Gage Reading
Gage Notes: CDT
Skipper: Lloyd Tackitt
This map is not intended to be used to determine property ownership nor public fishing access. Consult official maps and appropriate resources for detailed access information.
Member Photos:
by Lloyd Tackitt - My son caught this buffalo on a 4wt fly rod, a woolybooger with pinched barf, 8lb test line. by Lloyd Tackitt - This was just after it started raining last Sunday. by Lloyd Tackitt - Water in the river for a change! by Lloyd Tackitt - Nice to see some water after the drought. by Lloyd Tackitt - Good fishing spot, deeper hole with overhanging trees. by Lloyd Tackitt - Medium Size Redbreast Sunfish From Brazos by Lloyd Tackitt - Nice Brazos River Channel Cat
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