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Fishing near Orlando

Post By: spicyhombre      Posted: 2/1/2017 8:46:38 PM     Points: 4247    
I am traveling to Hilton Head via Orlando June 10-20 and am looking for advice for quick fishing. We are from Colorado so am mostly interested in some salt water action. I will be fishing with my 7 year old son and am thinking pier fishing in cape canaveral or Daytona my work so we can fish and my wife and daughter can hit the beach. Any suggestions?

Another option is to target some big bass since Colorado bass tend to be smaller. I am guessing we will be too far north for peacock bass and snakeheads. Gar could be an option.

We won't have much time in Florida for fishing since we are going to hit Disney as well as most of the trip being in Hilton Head.

Tight lines
 Reply by: culinarypunk      Posted: 2/2/2017 5:03:22 PM     Points: 82566    
sorry I cant help but Ronny C that guides for fishful thinker was just down in FL. I would hit both of them guys up!
 Reply by: hawghawler      Posted: 2/5/2017 2:44:59 PM     Points: 65571    
There is pier fishing in Daytona and I believe you can get rods and reels here. As for bass fishing there are a lot of guides in the area on the St. Johns River which you may catch some nice fish using shiners. And if you're going to Disney they have a some fishing in there that I'm sure you can get a half day trip so you may want to look at that if you're going to Disney.
 Reply by: Flyrodn      Posted: 2/6/2017 2:58:47 PM     Points: 177162    
When I spent a week there, Sue had a conference, I headed over to Merit Island area and fished the Indian River. Rented a kayak Titusville.

Had a great time, caught reds, trout, and a number of things I don't remember.

I also fished a couple pond in the Orlando area for bass/gills. Located them by checking in with a local fly shop.

My only issue was getting around, between the mix of drivers, unusual directions, and my own driving "skills", I got lost for a bit every day out.

Plenty of water down there, Just grab a rod and have fun.
 Reply by: spicyhombre      Posted: 2/6/2017 9:44:11 PM     Points: 4247    
Thanks guys. We will have rode since we always take them to Hilton Head. I will reach out to Chad as well.

I see that for around $275 we can take a 4 hour guided trip which might be a good bet for big bass.
 Reply by: spicyhombre      Posted: 4/8/2017 10:05:28 PM     Points: 4247    
Wanted to bump this up. Looking forward to my trip.
 Reply by: mcmullen.evan      Posted: 4/10/2017 8:34:33 PM     Points: 1494    
Spicy, I moved from CO a year ago and work at Cape Canaveral AFS. I bass fish a ton here and can show you some spots that are good for the young one! The best pier for fishing the Cape Canaveral area is Jetty Park...hands down, I own a Reel Repair and Upgrade shop here and my business partners own a bait shop in Port Canaveral, get in touch with me and I'll set you up! I even know a ton of the guides here if your looking to go flats fishing the lagoon or offshore. If you need rods and reels I have you covered