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My name is Tyler Klatt. I am a senior at Smoky Hill High School. I started fishing five years ago and knew it was my passion since my first cast. I enjoy fishing for a variety of fish but my favorite would have to be bass or trout. I enjoy fishing small ponds and lakes around the metro area for bass. I also enjoy heading up to the hills every so often chasing trout. I mostly spin fish but also enjoy breaking out the fly rod from time to time. I enjoy fishing in secluded, hard to get to places. This includes places from Strontia Springs, to high mountain lakes. I fish Bear Creek at least two or three times a month. This is one of my favorite spots because its relatively uncrowded and a fun little creek to fish. Feel free to ask me any questions about techniques or spots. And say high if you ever see me on the water.

Tyler Klatt

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