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My name handle basically says it all, I'm a fishing bum who spends almost nearly all my free time either on the water or outside. My name is Javier Solis " friends call me Javi" and am unfurnately not a Coloradan, I was raised in Anaheim California and moved to Colorado when I turned thirteen years old. I started off Bass fishing a small pond near my home in Littleton and have now progressed into tossing bugs on the long rod and freezing my butt off during the winter chasing trout ( or whatever's biting). there's always a good possibility if your at Red Rocks during the middle of the summer that I could be found in the middle of the lower south parking lot enjoying an ice cold refreshment waiting to see one of my favorite acts ( of corse after fishing at Bear Creek that runs through Morrison). I decided to become the lake skipper of Harriman lake because I wanted to give a little back to the site that I spend a lot of my free time on looking for the "The next hot bite" and reading about peoples adventures in beautiful Colorado. I have enjoyed meeting and talking to a lot of the FX members on this site and hope to see/meet you guys on the water soon! If anyone ever has any questions about fishing Harriman lake or any of the lakes surrounding the Littleton area feel free to shoot me an Email Tightlines!!

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