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Hey all, new sheriff in town, just kiddin, he is Frank Villa and he is going to be blogging here on FishExplorer so here is a little about him!

Frank was 7 years old the first time he went fishing.
He remembers that long drive from Wiggins to Orchard and thinking that he was gonna catch the biggest fish ever. When they arrived at Jackson Lake, they parked by the outlet on the south end of the lake. At 7 years old that the dike was a pretty daunting site to him and his younger brother Mike. His Dad grabbed their equipment and told them to hold his hand while he helped them up the dike. Frank remembers the fishing was very slow and his Dad took them back down to the outlet where they actually caught Ring Perch, Largemouth Bass, Crappie and Carp. It was awesome but his Dad still caught the biggest fish.
A couple years ago Frank went fishing with his Dad at Flatiron Reservoir. His Dad doesn’t get around very well any more so they found a nice flat spot close to the car and when Frank walked around the back of the car where his Dad was grabbing his fishing equipment Frank told him he would grab the equipment and take it down to his spot. Frank took their equipment down to the lake and set it down then went back and helped him down to his spot. As Frank stood there it struck him…The Circle of Life!
Frank now fishes almost daily, as a firefighter in Greeley, CO he has 4 days off after each rotation so after his honey do’s you will usually find him fishing somewhere. Although his love is bass fishing you may also see him up the Poudre, on Big Thompson or the Arkansas, fly fishing or somewhere trolling for a Walleye or Trout with some of his friends, maybe you will see him in his float tube or just fishing from the bank for Bluegills or Crappie , but he will be fishing somewhere. You may also see him with his adult clubs Junior Bass Club the Fighting Fish Sticks passing on the experiences he learned from his dad through the years or competing with his club family the Centennial Bass Club of Northern Colorado where he has learned most of his bass catching abilities.
Frank joined the Centennial Bass Club in 2000 and fished as a non-boater till 2007 when he purchased his first Bass boat, a 1988 bass tracker, in 2008 he sold the Tracker and upgraded to a Ranger Z21. Fishing in the club he has learned about tournament fishing and found the he loved it. He now competes in several tournament series which include the annual Full Moon open at Horsetooth, The BASS Central Opens, The ABA Couples series where he fishes with his wife Echo, The CBC Team Series, and this year he will fish the Rocky Mountain Team Series.
Currently Frank is the Centennial Bass Club youth director and helps with the Fighting Fish Sticks Junior Bass Club, and is the Colorado Bass Federation Youth Director.
Frank is sponsored by Naked Bait Co, Fintech, OBB Lures, Lake Fork Tackle, Mad Bass Custom Baits and Parasite Weights.

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