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Hey, everyone, I'm Nate

I fish out of Parker, Colorado and am originally from Omaha, Nebraska. My family moved here in 1994 and quickly fell in love with this wonderful place, so we're all still here.

Some of my earliest fishing memories include co-piloting with my dad walleye fishing in Minnesota and "catching pike" while casting off of the back porch of our house with my trusty Snoopy rod. These days, I primarily target bass, walleye, and panfish, but I am always down to catch whatever might be swimming.

Fishing and hunting are my ultimate priorities in life. I live to be outside, in my kayak or in a duck blind, and when I'm not outdoors, I'm daydreaming about being outdoors.... The only thing more exciting to me than harvesting a deer or catching a MA fish is helping someone else who doesn't regularly fish or hunt be successful!

If you see me on the water or pounding shoreline at Aurora, Quincy, Chatfield, or anywhere else, make sure to say hi!!!


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