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River: Gunnison River (Black Canyon)
Fish: Brown Trout

Pleasure Park

Post By: bharper      Posted: 1/12/2018 8:36:33 PM     Points: 101    
Well after being sick for two weeks I walked up the canyon from Pleasure Park to fish the Gunnison River! I started out around 10am with partly cloudy skies and temps around 34 degrees(later reaching the low 40ís and mostly sunny skies)The wind got up to around 6-7 mph.It started out pretty good catching a 18Ē,17 1/2Ē, and two 17 inchers within my first 6 fish all on a 1/4 oz. Black/Golden Brown Marabou Hair Jig(ended up getting 8 fish on it).I caught 14 Browns with the other fish being caught on a 3Ē Dynamic J-Spec in the Bubble Gum color and a couple of fish caught on a #7 Rapala Countdown in the Brown Trout Pattern.
 Reply by: Golfprogreg      Posted: Jan. 12, 9:08:41 PM     Points: 6    
Good job as always !
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: Jan. 12, 9:14:03 PM     Points: 101    
Thanks Greg,but I did lose a big fish on the hair jig and followed it up to with a Jerkbait then broke the lip on a rock!!! But I did have fun!
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: Jan. 12, 9:37:22 PM     Points: 4196    
Very nice, glad your back out feeling better and catching fish. It will be awhile before I can get back out.
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: Jan. 12, 9:45:15 PM     Points: 101    
Thanks SGM! I hope things improve in and around the home! Get well soon!
 Reply by: Digginjiggin      Posted: Jan. 13, 4:12:42 PM     Points: 231    
Very nice bharper. We just crossed over the lower Gunny an hour ago coming back from icing Crawford and commented on how clear and fishy it looks. Gotta get up there soon. You seem to do well on the same types of jigs n jerks we have used for many years there. Thanks for another great report. Russ n Karen will be on that stretch with Becky and I as soon as they kick some mycoplasma butt!
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: Jan. 13, 5:50:00 PM     Points: 101    
Thanks Digginí! I hadnít been that sick in over 25 years! I still have a little cough! Nasty flu out there! In the 3 yrs Iíve fished the canyon up from P.P. the water was one of the clearest days Iíve fished.The water was really high last month and a little difficult to fish! Itís flowing really good now for the types of lures we use! 🎣
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: Jan. 14, 8:27:49 AM     Points: 626    
Nice fish man. I still have never been down there. Need to change that asap
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: Jan. 14, 10:27:31 AM     Points: 101    
Thanks,I try to go there every other week this time of year since I live in NE Cedaredge. Iím probably going to go Wed. or Thurs. with the high temps near the mid 40ís.