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Lake: Lon Hagler Reservoir

Lon Hagler Insight map fixed.

Post By: Dan Swanson      Posted: 4/20/2017 10:17:53 AM     Points: 1348    
FYI, for all you Lowrance Insight Genesis users. The free downloadable social map for Lon Hagler has been fixed. It looks great now.

See my previous blog on what it looked like before they fixed it.
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 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 4/20/2017 11:08:12 AM     Points: 22424    
Thanks Dan!!

I can not tell you how much of a game changer that mapping system has been so far this year!! We have been fishing blind for years!
 Reply by: bhooker      Posted: 4/20/2017 4:11:11 PM     Points: 0    
Has the Hag recievied any water yet ?
 Reply by: fishingmanlee      Posted: 4/21/2017 9:54:09 AM     Points: 106    
 Reply by: Steelhead      Posted: 4/22/2017 10:54:34 AM     Points: 125    
dow ranger told me this winter that the hag will not be getting water this year. no explanation.
 Reply by: Mtman      Posted: 4/23/2017 9:05:17 AM     Points: 633    
Can you view the Insight maps on an iPhone? Every time I try to use the social maps on my phone (or iPad) it won't show anything.