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NewPart 3 – Fly Fishing Carp: The Blind Presentation
Once you locate areas holding carp, they're likely going to be feeding on the bottom. Getting flies to their level and keeping them there is the key to successful blind fishing for carp. (Friday)
NewPart 2 – Fly Fishing Carp: Finding Carp You Can’t See
It may seem obvious, but many overlook the simple reality, when blind casting your chances of success increase greatly if you're fishing areas where the fish are concentrated. (Thursday)
RecentPart 1 – Fly Fishing Carp: Sight Fishing Presentation
Nearly everyone who fly fishes for carp talks about sight fishing them and how difficult they are to catch. I do sight fish them, but in truth, I mostly blind cast to them. These three pieces cover my approach. (Wednesday)
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Willow Creek Reservoir by: HeavyC
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