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CarpQuest S5E1 - NEW SEASON is ON !

by: JOHN FINNEY 2/7/2017
Well carp fans, HERE WE GO AGAIN ! 

Get your coffee cups out (this is a two cup session), fill with hot java, and sit back and watch the show !

In this weeks opening episode of CarpQuest Season 5, we look back at the great time I spent with my brother when he visited last summer. We had some excellent carp fishing adventures, a dawn sunrise at the top of Pikes Peak and some night photography.

We hope you enjoy!

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Member comments
bron, CO   2/7/2017 6:49:02 PM
Those were some awesome photos John and as always, great video! We are going to try and get our carp fix Saturday. Not sure all the ice is gone but we are going for it.
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