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5th Annual Vets on Ice

Guest Blog by: Dustin Clark 1/11/2017
Dowdy Lake, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado - Patriot Anglers, and itís partners, are pleased to host the 2017 Vets on Ice on Saturday, January 28th at Dowdy Lake, located near Red Feathers Lakes, Colorado. 

Vets on Ice is an event built on the collaboration of local pro-veteran organizations.  The goal of the event is to introduce veterans, and their family members, to the Colorado outdoors through a no cost ice fishing event. This event is open to all veterans, military service members, and their families to come and attend. The main goals of the event are to provide a day of relaxation and learning, the building of camaraderie, and an introduction to pro veteran organizations and resources, through ice fishing. RSVP here.

Currently, the veteran population of our nation is experiencing staggering homelessness, suicide, and divorce rates. We believe that time spent in the outdoors will change the life outlook of veterans suffering from post combat deployment issues, as well as provide a quality family bonding experience.

Dowdy lake will play host this year, offering forest service access with beautiful views (5 dollar entry). Dowdy Lake is a State wilderness area but the 120-acre lake is managed by the CPW. The CPW has a limit of 2 Trout per person per day. Lunch, equipment, and fishing instruction will be provided to all participants. In addition, there will be many great fishing giveaways for Veterans , to include guided fishing expeditions.  

The Patriot Anglers is a 501(c)3 all volunteer organization whose mission strengthens bonds and uplifts U.S. military families past and present, by providing a unique Rocky Mountain fishing experience.
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Member comments
Flyrodn, CO   1/11/2017 3:03:54 PM
Great location for a great event.
Dustin Clark
Guest Blogger