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NewBig walleye, hungry trout top fall fishing adventures around the state
October is the golden month for fall fishing. (Monday)
CarpQuest S5E8 - Carp Fishing in Colorado, 40 lb grass carp
It's one of the things I love about CarpQuest, the opportunity it provides me to meet so many passionate anglers. It was a great day, good conversation, lots of commons in the net and finally a new PB grass carp for me landed (Wednesday)
So You Want to Attend College to Fish?
Over the past decade, College fishing teams have popped up all over the country. Many young anglers now aspire to compete in college tournaments. If college fishing is your interest, be sure to read this article! (Wednesday)
Carp Fight 10.05.17 by L Tackitt
NewLooking for Kevin 10.22.17 (2 replies)
RecentCordless drill for ice augers 10.21.17 (10 replies)
Nederland.... 10.17.17 (9 replies)
NewSwalllows ???? 10.23.17 (1 replies)
NewThanks for the Cabo help 10.23.17 (3 replies)
NewIce Fishing Rods for Macks 10.23.17 (21 replies)
NewMy "quitting ice fishing" sale 10.23.17 (21 replies)
NewA nice suprise SMB 10.23.17 (7 replies)
NewHi vis flies 10.23.17 (2 replies)
Recent Conditions Reports
South Platte - Dream Stream by: silkfishin
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JOHN FINNEY Eric Allee Jim McFarland Tom McInerney David Coulson Matt Snider Bernie Keefe Dan Swanson Bobby Chauvin Shane DuBois
Pictured: JOHN FINNEY, Eric Allee, Jim McFarland, Tom McInerney, David Coulson, Matt Snider, Bernie Keefe, Dan Swanson, Bobby Chauvin, Shane DuBoisView a full listing of Colorado writers...
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Ice Off in the Rockies - A magical time of year!
by Robby Richardson
As spring makes her presence known, the days and weeks at and just after ice-off can be truly magical. Robby shows us how to work the magic.
by riper69 - by Adr1an - by Bubba02STi - by Skookshunter - by Skookshunter - by Skookshunter - by Skookshunter - by rodmans - by rodmans - by riper69 - by SGM - MA Rainbowby riper69 - by riper69 - by JoeLW - Caught this beast on 10/01/17. Weighed but forgot to measure him. was Eeeekyyy - 28" bow at the Toilet fargingicehole -
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