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Visiting Old Friends
Friday will be my last day of paid employ, then I'm on the road as a full-time RVer. The last couple weeks have been spent visiting a few old friends. (Wednesday)
Pond Hopping & St. Vrain State Park
Early spring - what to do? If your'e short on time, or short a boat, pond-hopping can produce some of the best fishing this time of year. You just need to mobilize. St. Vrain State Park hosts their free educational and fun event this Saturday. (Tuesday)
Darkest Before the Dawn
It has been a rough week until yesterday and needed to take some time to regroup. To Discover the adage of Darkest before Dawn frequently holds true (03.10.18)
Newnice ice on Lake Granby 03.18.18 (0 replies)
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Williams Fork 03.16.18 (18 replies)
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Cache La Poudre River (Lower Canyon) by: Jim H
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David Coulson Matt Snider Jim McFarland Eric Allee Scott Brands Tom McInerney John Stevens JOHN FINNEY Ronny Cast Dan Swanson
Pictured: David Coulson, Matt Snider, Jim McFarland, Eric Allee, Scott Brands, Tom McInerney, John Stevens, JOHN FINNEY, Ronny Cast, Dan SwansonView a full listing of Colorado writers...
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Ice Fishing with Floats
by Nate Zelinsky
Frustrated with missing light-biting fish through the ice? Nate and Stephanie go into detail about using floats to improve your hook-set success on hard water for a variety of species, and discuss basic slip-bobber choices and application.
by MoBassMan - 03/14/2018by rodmans - by riper69 - by riper69 - by riper69 - by riper69 - by riper69 - by Matt - by Matt - by Matt - by Matt - by Matt - Looking southby Matt - by Matt - by Matt - by Mattastrophy - My first Smallmouth Bass.
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