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NewOld Friend
Today I was driving past one of my childhood bass ponds when I realized I had a few rods with me. After I turned around I found myself in the same parking lot where my parents used to drop me off and I’d spend entire summers fishing and exploring. (Tuesday)
RecentTransitional Trout
Up here in the higher lakes the ice is starting to get a little sketchy. Sunday a snowmobile went through the ice and last week an ATV went through the ice on stillwater boat ramp, everyone was ok and they got the machines out. (Sunday)
Ice off walleyes with my friend, Ron Lowry
I have long considered Cherry Creek reservoir as my home water as it is the closest and most convenient to where I live. I have fished Creek for several years now and generally do alright there. (Friday)
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Thornton Gravel Ponds #2 & #3 by: Punchanelllo
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Take a Kid Fishing
by Bernie Keefe
Taking kids fishing should be first about having fun. While fishing and catching are always important, they should be secondary to having a fun day with the kids.
Take a Kid Fishing by Bernie Keefe
Spring Walleye by Nate Zelinsky
Early Ice by Bernie Keefe
by crystalminnow15 - Caught this brown off of a rapala firetigerby Fabs10 - by Fabs10 - by Fabs10 - by Fabs10 - by Fabs10 - by Fabs10 - by Fabs10 - by Fabs10 - by Fabs10 - by Fabs10 - by Fabs10 - by jman - by jman - by jman - by ualgremlin - Caught 3/20/2015. Worm and bobber.
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