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NewMy next adventure
Our lives are filled with adventures. Approaching retirement, I was ready for a change of pace, but what my wife had in mind, wasn't what I envisioned. But I like her vision, so that's the road we'll follow. (Thursday)
NewC&R Perpetuates Naive Genes?
So (in a no doubt over-simplification), there are two categories of fish. Smart ones and dumb ones. (Thursday)
NewIce fishing seminar
Lakers on ice, November 18th Please join me at Scheels on November 18th from 10-12. We will be discussing new things I learned last year, different and innovative techniques, locations and other strategies to catching lake trout through the ice. (Thursday)
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Aurora Reservoir by: libster
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The Cat and Mouse of Bed Fishing
by Jc Gwynne
All bass fishermen have come across, at one time or another, a big bass guarding the bed, who just won’t take a bait. Jc explains the why and the how of a great bed fishing technique so you can experience greater success.
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