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TodayFish'n the 'hood
'Hood fishing is a great option for those who love to fish and are limited on time. Keep a rod rigged and enjoy those waters that are minutes from the house or work. (Wednesday)
NewYou're not wearing a PFD? Why?
Every year there are numerous stories where anglers lose their lives due to drowning, primarily during boating accidents. Most of these live would still be with us if they'd simply wore a life vest. (Tuesday)
RecentRMA Clarity
I've been fishing the Rocky Mountain Arsenal lakes for over twenty years. There have been peaks and valley's as far as the quality of the fishing is concerned, but overall the lakes have been fairly well respected.... This year I've seen more peopl (Sunday)
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Evergreen Lake by: Alexander Supertramp
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Pictured: David Coulson, Eric Allee, Shane DuBois, Tom McInerney, JOHN FINNEY, Will Dykstra, Jim McFarland, James Strawbridge, Dan Swanson, Rob StoutView a full listing of Colorado writers...
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Safety on the Ice, Lessons from a Survivor
by John Stevens
This article is about Fish Explorer member Bud Everson, his fishing partner Howie, and an unforgettable trip to the ice at Chatfield Reservoir.
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