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Fishing and Exercise
Fishing can be viewed as great exercise, at least I think it is. However, my pedometer doesn't always agree that I exercised, and depending on how you fish that may be true. Walking to the fishing hole ups your game on both accounts. (Monday)
Fishing Kayaks, Microbrews, and Life Advice From a Bozo
After writing my blog on Monday I started preparing to pick up my kayak the following day. How does one go about preparing to pick up a kayak you ask? Calling a buddy to set up a fishing trip naturally! Before I even had my new Hobie Pro Angler (03.13.15)
Perspective From A Podcast
I've always been frugal, I canít help it. Iím the guy thatíll head over to the nearest BPS or Cabelaís and load up my cart with whatever catches my eye. Then proceed to try and rationalize each and every item in my cart until I' (03.09.15)
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San Joaquin/Sacramento Delta by: VCBC Angler
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Jeff Jones
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Early Ice
by Bernie Keefe
Why miss some great fishing waiting for six inches of ice, when properly approached early and late ice can be fished with minimal risk?
by VCBC Angler - Posted on the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Facebook page.10.38 lb. Spotted Bass from New Bullards Bar.  Caught Jan. 12, VCBC Angler - Dejon and Jeff.  A lot of smallie caught this VCBC Angler - Jason & Janby VCBC Angler - Jason`s Big Bass about 6.5by VCBC Angler - 1.18 at Castaic 2.5# smallieby VCBC Angler - 1.18 at Castaicby VCBC Angler - 6.15 at Castaic 1.18by VCBC Angler - Jason got a keeper smallie at VCBC Angler - Skeeter got one, too!by VCBC Angler - Frank got one!by VCBC Angler - Maybe that`s why Castaic water levels are so low???by VCBC Angler - Not the usual encounter on the water!by All Day Ray - by All Day Ray - by All Day Ray - by All Day Ray -
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